Being able to order the Email Types on Subscription Pages


Copying over from the (old?) Ideas forum:


Having the ability to reorder the Email Types would definitely be very useful for all marketers!


The main reason being: if you have many different email types on the subscription page, there's no easy way for a user to select the exact email type to unsubscribe from. It's much easier for them to scroll down and unsub from everything which we want to avoid.


A good solution would be to display the email type of the email that they clicked from at the top, and then have all other types below that one so that the page will vary depending on which email type they clicked on.


If anyone has suggestions on workarounds right now, I'd love to hear them.

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This would be very useful for sure, especially when you need to group similar email types closer together.


Just bumping this back up. This should definitely be a product feature! 


Bumping this, too -- for anyone with multiple subscription types, this would be a really valuable feature!

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This would be a really useful feature - please take it into consideration. 


this feature could help a lot!

Status updated to: In Beta
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This is currentlly being beta tested and will be released to all portals very soon - stay tuned!

Status updated to: Delivered
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This is now live for all portals!