Being able to order the Email Types on Subscription Pages


Having the ability to set the order in which the Email Types appear on Subscription management pages would be very helpful as some are more important than others in our business model.

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There are three different ideas posts about this same topic; clearly it's much-requested. Here are the other two:

  1. (from 2016, but previously posted on the old forum)
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I'd love to be able to add Rich Text between the types as well. It would be beneficial if we could put headers over sections of types so that our subscribers had a better idea of what they were looking at.

Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

This feature is currently being beta tested and will be live for all portals very soon!


Excited to be able to release this as it has been an often-requested feature.

Status updated to: Delivered
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This is live for all portals!


You should use the temp mail for it. You can get the temp mail tool-free and use it anywhere.