Being able to create a view based on a number property using a​n​ ​'​in between​'​ filter.

Something that would really help us (and hopefully ​​a lot of other ​H​ubspot users) ​i​s ​to​​ be able to create a deal, contact or company view with ​the filter "in the range​ of​," or "in between"​ ​in a number propert​y. Hubspot al ready ​has this feature ​for ​'​date​'​ properties. At this moment ​H​ubspot only has the options: ​'​is equal to​'​, ​​'​is less than​'​, ​'​is great​er​ than​'​, ​'​is known​'​; ​'​is unknown​'​.


For example: ​we would like to be able to create a view not only large deals, but also for medium ​sized ​deals. With this view​,​ ​we could create ​better specified reports. ​This can already be done at 'Lists' ​on the marketing side ​and with 'date' properties.

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This would be really helpful in list building as well. I'm trying to create a list of users using a custom field that shows our customer platform usage and I would like to filter users with usage between 1 - 200. If i use the 'less than or equal to' 200 then it pulls in all users with 0 and i want to exclude them.