Be able to search notes in CRM (within or across contacts)

Basic CRM functionality missing.  Need to do a keyword search.   

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Just had a prospect introduce me to the owner of an investment firm another contact told me they were acquired by just last week. Problem: I did over 100 calls and emails last week and cannot for the life of me remember who said that. There is no reason I can't search my notes and have an answer in 3 seconds ... especially being a paying customer, as others have noted.


Please make this happen. Not having it is costing me money right now.



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 Really need to add this.  This is basic functionality that all other CRMs have, including the one we just came from (Zoho) that's much cheaper than HubSpot.

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I'm also a new user and really shocked you can't do basic searches across all fields - even Gmail's CRM allows this.


At the moment if a contact contains a particular term or reference it seems like I have to know exactly which field the term will be contained in.

e.g. I met several contacts at an event called 'Green Drinks'.  I've made sure to put this into the contacts' info, but if I search for this term only one contact is found.


Surely this can't be the case?  Please could you let me know if I'm missing something - a CRM without this basic search feature is useless and ultimately everything connected to it!!

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We have discontinued using Hubspot, primarily for the inablity to search for key words across the platform.

If that feature were, there, this wouild not only be a cool app, but a functional software.

Please let us know if and when you add key word search functionality.

Thank you!

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we had this type of search when we were using salesforce at a previous business and it was amazing! search anything,anywhere in the main searh tool and bingo! there it was. SO QUICK SO EASY SOO HANDY! bring it on hubspot!

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Being able to not only search Notes and Call Activities, but also being able to extract that data as well. It's really hampering my ability to sell this across our various teams in the organization. HubSpot (paying customer here) is being used as a stop-gap "it's better than nothing" solution, but the lack of exportable or searchable data is keeping us from really committing to the platform.

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I have to agree - I work as a consultant  - if this one feature was resolved then I would recommend HubSpot to my clients it stands Gmail is a better CRM!


Not being able to do a global search for a term or name across the CRM is a huge issue and one which needs to be resolved to make this a viable product.

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What is the point in ANY CRM if you cant find what you are looking for!!??

its sad! this missing feature alone makes an A grade CRM a flat lame broke CRM!


come on hubspot...please fire up!

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This is a HUGE feature that needs to be implemented ASAP.  It also would be nice to have the ability to use a wildcard expression when this feature is implemented. 

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Essential function. User Browns commented that 'Pipeline' has this function. We will be looking into this.