Be able to search notes in CRM (within or across contacts)

Basic CRM functionality missing.  Need to do a keyword search.   

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Thank you HubSpot Product Team, so far so good in being able to search notes, emails and other fields. Good to get some documentation or add to training or a blog at some point so its clear what the capabilities are.

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Strange - Did a pretty basic seach and confirmed the word was in the notes and emails of a contact. Nothing comes up. 

Oops, nevermind. Figured it out. 

Yes, some doscumentation at some point would be great. Anyway, seems to be working. Thanks!

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Am I missing something?  I still do not see any options to search across HubSpot.  When I try to search, I can only find Contact or Companies.  Where do I search across notes, emails, and call logs?

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Hubspot - Is this being rolled out?


I upvote this as well. 

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Please, please create a keyword search function in the dashboard.  We started coding our notes so that we can search for all contacts or deals that match a certain code depending on our objective, but we can't utilize those codes until that function is created.  Please help!

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I don't seem to be able to do a keyword search at all. What am I missing here? Can someone please help? It is such an important function for us.


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Hi there, we all agree on the absolute need for fulltext search as a custumer relationship is not base on predefine frame but on catching an opportunity, a key feature that we were not expecting! When will you allow us to use HubSpot like we use our MacOS Spotlight (which I assume implies you to work on indexation a lot)?

Many thx 

>> it's a game changer: I would switch my company to HS if you commit to deliver this feature Smiley Wink

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you can search in notes by the search on th etop, not the search in contacts. The problem if that you cannot filter all the people with a specific word in a note. IT's incredible. HS team could do in a day




@tthapa same here...


@Hubspot please start building this or at least reply to this thread. Also, this thread is so old, the feature should have been there a long time ago. I love the platform, but same as others in this thread, this really is a deal-breaker.