Be able to search notes in CRM (within or across contacts)


Basic CRM functionality missing.  Need to do a keyword search.   

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100% agree - did not realize this fucntion did not exist until recently. Had sent out notes to potential customers when a competitor changed their pricing model and made a note on each lead. Now I have no way to find those companies except to look through my leads one at a time. Seems like a pretty simple function. 

If I mention a competitor or partner in an email or my notes I should be able do a search on that. 


Yes, gmail's in-house CRM is actually better!  I've stopped using HubSpot because of this - it's an absolute minimum requirement!


200% agree.


I would even settle for a filter to see if users have a not or not associated with their record.


+1 Here.. been following this thread since the beginning and have been hoping for an update. Any timeline on this? At a point where this is becoming critical for us. 


If there is no way to do this, is there at least a way we can export our contact with notes so that we can migrate over to a different crm with notes in tact?


Glad to see so many people think this is a great idea, and much needed too!

This WILL be helpful in so many ways. I think all the benefits have been highlighted this thread.


Just like we can search for contacts via Name, business name, tel number, email, keyword search should just be added right here!


 Any updates on this?


Is the In Beta just a scam to calm people down?




Also interested to know if this feature was ever created 

Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

The ability to search on notes has come out of closed beta and is live in the product to all customers!


 @bkeller Great News! (: Thank you!


How does it work? is there documentation? I tried a quick search on the top (dark grey) search bar and contacts search bar but nothing came up




Was able to find keywords in emails in the top dark grey search bar but not in notes or calls logs.


Additionally a couple of notes:


  • The search come up for a keyword as in "found in an email" you don't see a preview or a timestamp but you do see the email address. would much rather a preview or timestamp than the email
  • Following the above, you can't hit enter on the search of the keyword to then see a preview of all results, (preferably with more info). So (currently) you have to search, a drop-down comes down with results if you click on one you have to start all over and remember which line you are up to (if it is even the same as search parameters are not shown) all without knowing anything
  • You don't get taken to the instance of the keyword, just to the contact page. Better than nothing but seems unnecessarily limited

Those are initial impressions. If I'm doing it wrong or if there is another way please let me know



YES! Will test shortly. Thank you!


Thank you HubSpot Product Team, so far so good in being able to search notes, emails and other fields. Good to get some documentation or add to training or a blog at some point so its clear what the capabilities are.


Strange - Did a pretty basic seach and confirmed the word was in the notes and emails of a contact. Nothing comes up. 

Oops, nevermind. Figured it out. 

Yes, some doscumentation at some point would be great. Anyway, seems to be working. Thanks!


Am I missing something?  I still do not see any options to search across HubSpot.  When I try to search, I can only find Contact or Companies.  Where do I search across notes, emails, and call logs?


Hubspot - Is this being rolled out?


I upvote this as well. 


Please, please create a keyword search function in the dashboard.  We started coding our notes so that we can search for all contacts or deals that match a certain code depending on our objective, but we can't utilize those codes until that function is created.  Please help!


I don't seem to be able to do a keyword search at all. What am I missing here? Can someone please help? It is such an important function for us.



Hi there, we all agree on the absolute need for fulltext search as a custumer relationship is not base on predefine frame but on catching an opportunity, a key feature that we were not expecting! When will you allow us to use HubSpot like we use our MacOS Spotlight (which I assume implies you to work on indexation a lot)?

Many thx 

>> it's a game changer: I would switch my company to HS if you commit to deliver this feature 😉


you can search in notes by the search on th etop, not the search in contacts. The problem if that you cannot filter all the people with a specific word in a note. IT's incredible. HS team could do in a day




@tthapa same here...


@Hubspot please start building this or at least reply to this thread. Also, this thread is so old, the feature should have been there a long time ago. I love the platform, but same as others in this thread, this really is a deal-breaker.


Hi, we just onboarded with HS and we have imported our notes for all accounts and don't see anywhere where ALL notes can be searched. We know this can be done on the account level but were curious if we could search ALL accounts for certain keywords. If anyone could shed any light on this or work arounds please let us know. Thanks!