Be able to search notes in CRM (within or across contacts)

Basic CRM functionality missing.  Need to do a keyword search.   

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I agree with many of the previous blog posts. I can't believe that this is not already incorporated! How hard is it to search a digital database?  Being able to search contacts for keywords in the notes and calls and messages and emails to / from that contact is so important.  The pat response from Hubspot that you can create a custom field is just simply not an acceptable solution. 

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Please give an ETA for this function.


My intended usage

I want to be able to filter contacts by their attendee status to functions that are not integrated with HubSpot.

I'd create a note per attendee which would say one of the following: Event - Canceled; Event - Attended; Event - No Show and then filter my contacts by choosing "Notes" in the filtering section of Contacts; choose "equals" and then enter one of the notes above i.e. Event Attended. Then I could send an email to just everyone who attended.


If there is a current way to do this, please let me know.




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Agreed. This is very important to have for a CRM tool, and adding this feature could make a big difference for users and productivity.  Can´t wait for this to be implemented. 


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Absolutely need. We migrated from Highrise (which had it) and now feeling some regret. This is a MUST

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Case in point - I was able to search this database of ideas for "search notes" and vote on it, rather than create a separate thread.

Hubspot - can you offer ETA for implementation? It is marked as Beta already.

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Gobsmacked that the ability to search the Notes is not in place. A basic spreadsheet has this ability. The contacts section in my iPhone can do this. I need a CRM to do what I can't - & I can't remember all the details about each client.


I don't remember client names easily, but I can usually recall something about the client. Thati's information that I would write in the Notes. I'm sure it is essential for most CRM users.


The speed of Hubspot is impressive, but if it doesn't have the functionality to search within all the data it stores it is like a library book returned to the wrong shelf. It is there but where?


I thought I had a work around by exporting contacts to a spreadsheet.  Worringly, the Notes section did not export!  (NB: I am a new user so there may be a way to do this that I have not found).

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Agreed this is basic CRM functionality that is direly needed. 


Ideally it would be possible to do a keyword search accross all activity of all contacts and deals, and return the matching contacts or deals with the activity and keyword highlighted. Ideally this would also work together with the existing filtering option so I can choose to only search within contacts in a specific region, list, etc.

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Does anyone know if a feature to be able to do a search across Notes and other open text fields in HubSpot is on the roadmap or not, or if there is a third party application taht will enable it? Sorry if it's already mentioned, I haven't read through all the notes in this thread.

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As far as I'm aware, no. 

It's the main reason I don't recommend Hubspot to my clients.


Why on earth this isn't sorted out I do not know.........

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HubSpot Support tells me the feature to search notes is currently in Beta, but no timeframe for release provided.