Be able to search notes in CRM (within or across contacts)

Basic CRM functionality missing.  Need to do a keyword search.   

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Another reason I am passing on Hubspot no note or call search.

Why is it important? Say you are in real estate have 1 thousand contacts. You just got free hockey tickets and want to give to a client. You go to your crm and type in hockey and nothing happens ( well if you have hubspot that is )  does this maybe seem like the most important feature you should work on right now!!! I will stay with Pipedrive who will be releasing note search as soon as next month, prosperworks has excellent note search just like google and one reason I wanted togo with them.

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Would be so helpful.  Often we don't remember customer names as we meet so many but always remember a part of our conversation that I know will be in their notes and would like to be able to search by this.


Also we deal with clinician's/nurses so the actual patient names aren't our contacts they are just in our notes so if we did an assessment of patient James Smith and a different nurse rings next week to ask about assessment of James Smith unless she tell me the name of the nurse that booked the assessment I can't just search for notes containing James Smith.



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Shocked this is not already possible!

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As a newbie to HubSpot, my enthussiasm is waning having learned it is not possible to conduct a word search across all Deals.

Examples of practical usefulness of this feature could be several, yet specific to each company using HubSpot. I thought I found the CRM for our small business to dive into . .. .. but not yet. I'll keep looking.

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I keep looking for best crm for my uses. Pipedrive still the best.. The contact window the best. The Activity Tracker invaluable, Note search coming soon. I love that it does not have extra features I do not want or need. For a small business, especially outgoing call type like real estate, mortgage, insurance etc the best at the moment

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I have noticed that the notes on a contact record are not searchable. It would be great to make it searchable and usable in a filter. 

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Is this really not available with Hubspot.  I'm an Evernote junkie and thought I would try HS to manage my partners/prospects conversations and status.  I assumed it would be a great place to log conversations but if I can't do a global search to pull out who I talked to about a certain topic, then its really missing something.  I've used PIMs/CRMS for 30 years and this is a basic function.  HS - is this on the roadmap - please tell before I spend too much more time building out my HS :-).  

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Hubspot pretty cool for a free crm and even looks ok but obviously missing some key components including note search. I am using Pipedrive which is hands down the best crm for 12 bucs a month, note searching is in beta now so should be fully working in a month. Also has custom activity reporting which I needed... Prosperworks also has full note search but too expensive for the features.. Finally Capsule has a great note search!!! I would use that were it not lacking activity reporting

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+100 for searching notes...seem such basic it only available to paid users?

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I 100% agree. We are a paid customer and trying to make this work for our business. This single feature may ultimatley be a deal killer for us.