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Be able to filter by "has ever been greater than" and "has ever been less than"

It would be very useful to take the next step when it comes to reporting and list criteria by being able to filter based on if something "has ever been greater than" or "has ever been less than"


Use Case A: I am needing to run a report for everyone who has ever been on a paid plan above a certain $ amount inside our CRM. We clear this $ value after someone cancels, but now we have no way to look these people up.


Use Case B: We push a property from our homegrown database that includes how many "uses" they have left for the month as they get used but resets every month/year (depending on plan). If I wanted to see who got close to running out last month (or previous months) I would have no way to do so.


Thanks in advance!

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Good idea!


My usecase for this propriety filter would be isolating companies which have never been associated to any contact, to be sure they aren't duplicates.