Be able to export list of list details

I have a number of customers who have thousands of lists.  When they are auditing their lists it can be difficult to manage who owns what.  It would be great if we had the ability to put these list and list details into an excel spreadsheet to review them by their names and when they were created and by whom etc.


You can currently copy and paste these from the main screen however there are formatting issues that can be very time consuming to rectify.


The list tool view below is what would be helpful to see in excel:





Our customers will then be able to filter by creator and ask them to review their own lists in an Excel spreadsheet of what can be deleted, kept etc.

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This is a fantastic idea and for us would really help when housekeeping the thousands of lists we have in a global organisation.

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Moderador de HubSpot

I totally agree – this could help to sort them out more easily, rather than digging through an endless stream of vague names from the past in the UI.