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Be able to customize at the tablet breakpoint

I need to ensure that the tablet breakpoint appears correct for the users of my website. Even though the preview mode displays the tablet breakpoint along with the desktop and mobile, the Website and Landing Page Editor only provides an option to edit for mobile or edit as desktop. It is frustrating that one feature displays the tablet breakpoint, yet another doesn't let you to edit the content at that point.


This article seems to indicate it's not possible and that the feature is coming. Responsive web design isn't new and it's surprising it's not an available feature.


According to HubSpot support, it is not possible to enable the tablet breakpoint in my Website and Landing Page Editor. They say you can only edit your theme's CSS to add a media query. Using developer skills to do this defeats the point of the this content editor.


What's the hold up? I will not be recommending HubSpot as a designer in the future if this feature continues to be absent. Mobile-first design is not something that should be secondary.


Support for Tablet Editing - Screenshot of - PC and Mobile only.pngSupport for Tablet Editing - Screenshot of - Preview of three breakpoints.png


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Definitely need this!