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Be able to amend GDPR Subscription preferences through workflows

The new communications subscription properties are great, however only if using the HubSpot default form properties to gather consent. However, if we use custom properties for example, we have one that asks 'Do you want to optin - Yes or no' radio button, then there seems to be no way of starting a workflow that updates the subscription preferences. Also, third party providers such as Unbounce or Leadpages don't see the subscription preferences, and therefore we have to use custom properties in the forms.
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Agreed! This is a need.

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Not being able to adjust subscription types through workflow prevents us from using subscription types altogether. This is a big issue for us. I head that this is already being worked on. Please keep a high prio for this. It's really important for us.

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Same here. I was trying to set up a workflow with a trigger based on somebody entering a subscription, but unfortunately found out that subscriptions are available in workflows.

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 Workflow and API too. We need to be able to update it programatically.

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Agreed! This is definitely needed. The majority of our leads come from Facebook Lead Ads, and there's no current way to use the lead ad to ask them to opt-in and sync that back to HubSpot. The result is our leads are coming in with 0 subscriptions and the only way to change that is to manually do it for every lead (or mass update). This means we cannot email them until we add the subscription, so we have to constantly be doing this for new leads. 


On top of that, the vast majority of our leads aren't even in Europe...so we're doing this all for a small portion of leads coming in. We definitely need a way to update subscriptions via workflow for situations like this, and a way for Lead Ads to sync the opt-in status (which I hear they're also working on but isn't ready yet).

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This looks crucial for us to be able to manage subscriptions and legal basis to communicate. Further to this, we need to be able to sync subscriptions with Salesforce - and subscriptions are also not available to map with Salesforce sync.

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Struggling with this as well. Our goal was to use communication subscriptions as an email contact list.  I'm somewhat at a loss now (beyond GDPR legal) how to create a contact distribution list that coincides with what our contacts what to actually receive from us.


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We need Subscription preferences to be a trigger for workflows.

Otherwise people who have NOT opted into our emails can still be enrolled in our workflows, but they just won't be sent the emails.

If they later opted in to our emails, we'd have to re-enroll them into any workflows OR they could be half way through a workflow when they opt in - which ruins the workflow...


Email Subscriptions have now been added to Triggers and If/then branches.

Just waiting for it to appear as an action now - else we're not going to be able to send email marketing to people who fill out our third party quizzes!

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Just to add to this - you can sync the 'opt out' property for each subscription with Salesforce, however it's a read-only field and so still can't be updated by Salesforce or a Workflow.

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Completely agree we really need this.