Be able to add company properties in a form

Hi Hubspot team.



This request is so basic, it's not even and "Idea".


Could you please enable a company property to be added in a form ?


I understand the complexity behind but you can put a disclaimer : "if the contact has no associated company or multiple associated company, the property will not be registered or updated". 




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Ugh seriously. SO many unnecessary workflows just to copy over this information. Plus, in an age where Dharmesh is preaching the pajama principle - it should be a given that an individual's location and company HQ may be in different places. We should be able to ask for either/both in a form. (among maaany other things)

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This makes a lot of sense. Same with deal info.

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This is important for us too and was a real surprise that it is not possible.


My team have been planning an update to our contact management to have additional fields with useful information. Many of these relate to the company as we are a B2B software company. We thought we had this figured out - information about the company should be company information fields. Information about the contact should be contact information fields. We all agreed on that. But when I went to try creating a form with Company Information Fields - they aren't available. 


Searching led me here where I am equally surprised as the rest of the people that this is still not available. 


We are not that keen on duplicating all of the information using workflows to try and have the company information recorded against the company. 


If the properties beta is happening now - this is definitely something that should be part of it. 

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It's literally been years - please make this happen Hubspot

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I think this is vital for all b2b companies!

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PLEASE Hubspot do this, how do we check if this is hapening?  Who at Hubspot reads these?

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I would like to use forms to create an online application that allows me to onboard new partners more quickly. I can't believe that I have to add all of this information to a contact and can't associate with a business even if I create the company property. What if that person leaves? I have to remember which individual to look up this information?

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Hi everyone,


Thanks for all the really useful comments/ideas/suggestions on this. I just wanted to give everyone on this thread an update on this and say we're currently actively exploring this. I should be able to give a status update by the end of the week.

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Any updates on this - would be great for it to be actioned - also a need for our company, it's frustrating that I have to create a contact field that is for a company field. 

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Also need this for B2B, very surprised its not already a feature

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@DomRychlik , do you have the update on this like you had suggested you would?


Hope to hear from you soon!

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This would be really helpful for us and avoid a lot of manual effort/having to set up a contact property just to get around it!

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Please add this as well as the ability to add a deal property to a form. This should be an option for any contact that has a company and/or deal property associated.

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Yes! 100%

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+1 ... otherwise I also can use Google Forms. 

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Any updates on this? @DomRychlik

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Yeah, I am confused as to why this isn't possible also.  We are B2B not B2C

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This is a key feature for our business. Please consider adding.