Be able to add company properties in a form

Hi Hubspot team.



This request is so basic, it's not even and "Idea".


Could you please enable a company property to be added in a form ?


I understand the complexity behind but you can put a disclaimer : "if the contact has no associated company or multiple associated company, the property will not be registered or updated". 




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Agreed on the above - there's vital information needed on the company that a contact would obviously have to provide!

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I honestly can't believe this isn't available.  Shocked would be the word to use.


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Yes please add this. It precipitates lots of workflow/workaround creation.

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WOW - I'm so frustrated right now.  I'm evaluating CMS and other comms solutions for our company.  I spent hours learning how to setup and setting up the proper custom properties, and, following the instructions made sure to put them under the correct tab (company properties and deal properties).


Nowhere in the documentation is there anything about the fact that there is no way natively to enter data into those new properties.  If I can't add these fields to my forms, what good are they?  Create 1,000 custom properteis, but you can't put any data in them using HubSpot's other features unless they are in the "contact properties" tab.


HubSpot, rightly, creates a relationship between companies and contacts.  I shouldn't have to duplicate company properties across contacts just to be able to use forms.  I can't believe this thread is 16 months old and not only has this flaw not been addressed, but the documentation has not been updated to warn people that custom properties created under deals and companies can only be entered using the API or 3rd party solution.

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Industry vertical is NOT a contact field - it is a Company field.  

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Yes, please add this functionality! For B2B companies it's a quite essential one...

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Agree with posts above. What is Hubspots problem with mixing Company and Contact properties? I keep running in to touble with this. All great functions are limited to Contact properties only. Even if im B2C I still would like contacts to add company information when filling in forms, its curcial information in a lot of different sales. 

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Beyond company - can you add a Deal, Company, Product into forms?  We could then create a form that could allow a customer to select a Workshop (a product) and checkout by paying for the workshop.  So many uses here, very surprised this is not a feature of Hubspot.

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Agreeing with this idea! This functionality is truly indispensable. 

With lack of such, spent a lot of time creating workflows that transfer values between Contact and Company properties!

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We need this as well. Would be so helpful!