Batch mail delivery to split large marketing list

For handling replies to mails, we would like to send a batch of 200 mails per day, from a smart list that may consist of thousands of contacts from Hubspot.
When sending the mails from the smart list, the reaction can result in a triggered next step in the workflow and a lead scoring which can change the status to SQL. 
For keeping the flow of follow up actions for our Sales Development Rep within compressive limits, we like to send batches of mails from the large marketing/smart list.
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Agreed, this functionality is offered by nearly all major competitors. In my previous automation tool I was able to easily run a quick workflow to split a list into as many parts as I wanted, based on a random split. Or, even better, I was able to set this up during the email send itself--I could select my list and say send to 20% of the list each day for 5 days and it would randomize the list and make sure each contact only recieved the email once in that 5 day period. I did not have to be a random split, you could select various "smart list" types of filters to determine how you wanted to split your list. The fact that you could do it as part of the email send targeting vs having to manually muck with your list outside or inside of the tool was a huge time saver.


I could also select my list and say send 33% email A, 33% email B and 34% no email.



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Or a limiter to the number of contacts that can enter into a workflow in a given time period. that way you can build and have 1 "List" criteria, and ensure that not all 20,000 contacts go through at once. Instead, only 100 can go through every 30 minutes. This could ensure that sales doesn't get an influx, and for operational workflows like scoring support, there isn't a major error that sends 1300 contacts through scoring in 3 minutes.