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BIG WIN potential for Hubspot ...check this out:

Dear Hubspot,


If when I set up a company record, I have to complete 10 drop-down property boxes (because they are complusory for my company) then, given that I have copy-accross workflows for Contact Record properties and the correcrponting Contact record properties, I should NOT have to add in this infromation again, when I then add a new staff member to that company - because 80% of the information is know already. 


It would be helpful if there was functionality whereby a truncated series of drop-down options could be presented when setting-up a contact record for such companies


It's exactly the same logic as 'sequential forms', which relies on the the knowledge submitted in Form No1 to determine 'what questions' and 'how many questions' should be served-up in Form No 2


Just do what you have already, with the Record Creation  and hey-presto ... you have just made Hubspot a better CRM !