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Tasks are wonderful. However, when you have hundreds of them, it is not easy to filter what you're looking for.

Hubspot needs to make this a priority if they care about making life easier.

Please, allow us to filter tasks by:
1) Lead Status and Lifecycle Stages, or really any contact properties we want
2) Allow us to create our own Priorities
3) Allow us to mass update priorities for tasks
4) Allow us to create lists of people and mass update tasks
5) Allow the ability to search tasks that do or do not belong to certain queues

6) Allow us to select ALL tasks when pushing into a Queue, instead of 100 at a time


I'm sure there are more functionalities I'm missing here and others can contribute, but the moral of the story is please give us more freedom and flexibility when organizing and managing tasks. Thank you!

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YES.  This is SO important & will make our tasks so much easier to handle.


Yes more organization please!


+1 on this idea : 


it would be so nice to be able to filter tasks by

- Hubspot user (so a manager can have a better overview of the upcoming tasks of his team)

- Hub properties (such as companies) and custom properties (such as the ID company)


Use case : being able to create a sequence of task for a specific company (a new client), and which you want to follow the task accomplishment


The ability to filter task without queues is a must for me.

currently my tasks without queues get lost in the crack and I have no way to point them out.

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It's absurd how limited the available columns are in the tasks page. Can't even show lifecycle stage!


Would love to have an option to customize columns and filters by organization or contacts properties 


Definitely needed. 


I also would like to filter based on deal name.


so basically: show me all tasks associated with a specific deal name


Thank you for highlighting this.
I would also like to your list of suggestion to include a filter based on Region.

Adding this would help filter out the tasks that can be executed as the day progresses based on timezones. This would be beneficial to those who are reaching out international clients.


YES! Great idea Nickhil_Kumar! The ability to finter based on Regions/Time Zones would be incredibly helpful! 🙂


Very important also for better feedback from sales to marketing to get cheaper ads.


We also desperately need better task filters. We would like to be able to filter and group tasks by things like Time Zone, State, or other various contact, company, deal or ticket properties (based on association). The inability to easily do this is causing our team so much time and frustration. 


My need today is really simple... to find all of the open tasks for a certain state, but location is not available under Tasks. I can filter for state under Companies, but can't see which of those have a task. So I had to click through all 120 entities for the state filtered just to find the 13 that have tasks. Almost two hours of work that a filter could solve in two seconds.

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It would be fantastic to filter by company field as well! Is that possible to add to this list? 


Essential to be able to filter tasks to organise the workload. Team at hubspot, this is an easy quickwin, please...


Low hanging fruit, Hubspot!! Please improve task functionality!


I would like to see company names added to task list.  I am reaching out to lots of companies with sequences and it is easier to sort them by company, which sorts them by time zone most of the time.  It's werid you can add their email, phone number to the columns but NOT what company they work for.  It is also counter intuitive that in the "column edit" section you have two places where you can add companies but once added it does not populate.  


I need this functionality to be able to search service tickets based on their association with tasks. Examples:

- what are the service tickets that do not have any tasks for the future 

- what are the service tickets that have overdue tasks


as a manager, I want to have some visibility on how the team is defining next steps (tasks), and is acting on them (overdue tasks). 


also, I was not able to define workflows that trigger on task creation for tickets. 


Bump - Would love to be able to filter tasks by lead status or another contact property.