Averages In Reporting

Please, for the love of all things statistics and reporting, allow the ability for averages in a report!

We are trying to see not only our demos booked and completed for a certain time frame, but the running average of demos booked. That way, we can easily see if we are above or below average and what may be attributed to this!

It's very important for us to see at a glance, and I can't believe something as robust as Hubspot wouldn't have this capability. Please please please make this happen! 🙂

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YES, that would be incredible!

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This may or may not be related, but we get requests from our clients to see reports over time. For example, I can see all sales activity for each rep broken out by activity type (call, meeting, email, etc) but there is no way to know whether the # for the period is good or bad because there is nothing to compare it to.   The idea of showing the averages for prior periods or allow for the comparison over time that is available in some other reports.

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I was coming here in hopes that I was missing something on averages in reporting. This needs to be a feature. 


In my instance, I'd like to know the average number of days it takes for a lead to become an MQL (I've made time stamp properties that track these lifecycle stages so I know the date someone becomes a lead and an MQL), and I'd like to know the average number of activities it takes for a lead to become an MQL. 


For a robust reporting feature, I shouldn't have to export and crunch numbers in excel to get this information. 



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