Automating Lead Nurturing with Filtering (in List or Workflow) Based on Campaign

I currently have nurturing campaigns that drip into others. The process has become very manual for me in Hubspot. I initially thought this would be totally automated. 


For example, when introducing a lead to our podcast - I'll send an intro email - allowing them to opt out completely. Once they've opened, they now have to be placed into our podcast campaign (weekly emails - multiple emails).  The intro emails are also sent once a week to a very small, new lead segmentation. 


In order to move a lead from the Podcast Intro Campaign and into the Podcast campaign, I have to create a list or a workflow. And then I have to filter by the latest intro email they received (specifically by name). I'm having to do this once a week. 


What would help me automate this is if I could filter by the Podcast Intro Campaign. That way, any lead that received that intro email (regardless of what specific email and date) would be placed into the Podcast Campaign (if they didn't opt out). It's a simple filter like other contact properties in workflows and lists. I was surprised to see this missing. 

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Hello U did you ever get this answered or figured out?