Automatically trigger a resubscribe email when an opted out contact tries to submit a form


If an unsubscribed customers submits a form (most compellingly, a 'Join Our Mailing List' form), it seems like a shame that they are then caught in limbo. Currently they will NOT be subscribed or flagged in anyway that they are not being subscribed. Hubspot should be able to tell if someone unsubscribed has submitted a form and automatically trigger a resubscribe email to them. 

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Turns out this does exist! I think it was a newer feature that customer support wasn't aware of yet but I stumbled upon it in other searching. See the link below.

Status updated to: Delivered
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Hey @Olivia_Townsend this feature is already availble to all HubSpot Marketing customers. Check out how to set this up here: How to set up resubscription emails for forms


Yep, thanks! After I had hung up with support I did some digging of my own and found it. I let the customer support person I spoke with who had told me to post the idea here know and posted that update here too. Feel free to delete my post completely if that makes sense -- I couldn't quite figure out how to.



Actually, the feature that exists is not quite match the title of this idea.  When an un-subscribed user enters their email a link pops into the form.  A user must click this link in order to trigger the email to update their preferences.  The problem with this is that the user can easily misinterpret the the message and still submit the form anyway, which would be a failed user experience, especially since the link is triggered on the focus event, not the form submission or click event.


My suggestion would be to disable the form button if the message is triggered so the user doesn't accidently submit the form before reading and clicking the link.


See here:



@chris_blockis exactly right.  This feature is not implemented as requested.  Right now users still get caught in a state of limbo.


If a user clicks the link and goes to check their email, they have been driven away from the form before submitting it.  This is the opposite of what you want in inbound.  (Remember why we don't include navigation on landing pages!)


If a user doesn't resubscribe before submitting, they end up missing any confirmation emails you have set up (e.g. the one that actually gives them the information they requested) with no warning.


I really think the sanest way to handle this is to automatically send a resubscribe email when they submit a form.  And hold off adding them to workflows until they resubscribe.  That way you don't have to adapt workflows to consider whether they submit the form before resubscribing or not.  >_<


OMG YES, PLEASE make this very easy as in highlighting the fact that they WILL NOT get the required information unless they resubscribe.

We have soooo many people unsubscribed then a couple of years later fill in our trial form and NOT get the email because they have opted out. VERY frustrating.  We turned on the Resubscription Email in March 2018 and have only had 1 person resubscribe. I would say the process isn't easy enough and support dharward and chris_block in their suggestions.


As an admin, my hands are tied, I can see they didn't get the email, however, it makes it all too hard saying well, if you fill out the form again, make sure you click that link.  A simple tick the box "Resubscribed me" would work.  When will this get fixed?


another vote here - this needs sorting out.


Does this idea need to be reposted, as the Current Status is 'Delivered' when in fact it's not?

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Thanks for all the comments here - from the Subscriptions side of things, enhancing our re-subscription options is a goal for early 2019, we appreciate the feedback and will take these suggestions into account as we improve the re-subscription via form feature.

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This was very frustrating to learn that the Submit button on a form made specifically for people to resubscribe themselves won't actually do anything. Form buttons should either not be clickable when someone enters a previously opted out email, forcing them to notice the little resubscription text and click the link for the resubscription email or, as the original poster suggested, the Submit button should also send them a resubscription email.


@TylerScionti since as noted above the functionality orginally described has NOT been delivered can this be marked as such or does someone need to resubmit this idea?

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Thanks for the extra clarification . @Herschel , I think there is room for improvement here, namely

  1. Resubscripton via form is only triggered if a contact is opted out of all, not a particular subscription type - adding more flexibility is something we are working on. 
  2. I think there are merits to the contact seeing that they need to resubscribe as an automatic email (without them knowing or expecting) has a higher liklihood of being missed. I think there's opportunity to improve here and am happy to sync up and hear more of your thoughts. 
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Thank you for following up @TylerScionti. I would definitely like to see more flexibility on triggering the resubscription notification text for specific email types and not just for those who have opted out of all emails.


Our support team is currently moving onto the Service Hub and ensuring that all our clients are able to recieve emails through Hubspot is taking on a new urgency for us. We are making this form specifically for resubscription so we can easily direct any current clients who have unsubscribed to where they need to go to resubscribe. In this case I find the unexpected thing to be that when a contact pushes this form button they will not recieve any email (if they are unsubscribed from all emails and fail to notice the pop up text instructions).


I would be happy to discuss these issues with you further.


Thank you for bringing this up. I'm experiencing the same issue and it'd be great for Hubspot to improve this resubscribe feature.

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I'm giving this a thumbs up. Looking forward to any improvements HubSpot will do to deal with the above mentioned issues.


Yes, please! This happens to us so often and then creates confusion & disappointment on our customer's side and more work on ours!


YES! Too many of our clients miss the very subtle message on the form to get the re-subscribe email and are left confused as to why they didn't get their follow up information. 

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Same here. The features mentioned above are urgently needed for a lot of HubSpot users. 

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Guys, the implemented solution is a total fail for a sales tool.

Can you please fix this? Resubscribers are customers too

some examples:
It is currently not possible to have an external system which manages the Opt-In. We cannot handle any resubscription. As soon as the customer has opted out all the Hubspot approaches will send the preference to the customer or they are obliged to find it themselves in their own email archive.

We cannot set the opt in using the API. So we have a valid opt in in an external system but Hubspot is currently not capable of processing the full cycle. If the customer opted out and we want him back we cannot set this according to the external opt in.


I am still dumbfounded that this hasn't been resolved!

If an end user willing fills out a form after they 'OPTED OUT' maybe a year ago - They should automatically be re-subscribed!


Come on HUBSPOT sort this out! I understand from all the knowledge base pages there used to be a form for your Marketing Legacy package - which now doesn't exist! And yet for the Marketing Starter, it's just not a thing?? WHY?



We are in need of this feature. Using the forms API there is no way for us to resubscribe a user once they have opted out of all subscriptions. The proposed solution above is only for non-external forms. Any workarounds or idiciation as to when this feature may be added?