Automatically suggest new contacts & make a better side bar 2016-11-24 10-44-06.png


Hi guys.  If you see the above screenshot I get recommended new contacts based on my emailing activity.  There's a lot of information about these people and all I have to do is click 'add to crm' and they're added, along with all the information you can see, plus a record of all the interactions and emails I've already had with them. 

Also see the side bar on the right.  Lots of information there.  I can also add contacts to my crm from the sidebar.   Pulls in all the same data.  You'll notice the little Hubspot icon floating in the top right corner.  I'd prefer the Hubspot plugin was just like this sidebar.  Way more user friendly / reliable and powerful.  

HubSpot updates
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+1 for this feature