Automatically search LinkedIn for contact and add contact profile link and image to HubSpot profile


So I'm using a competitors CRM and their CRM automatically searches LinkedIn and adds the persons LinkedIn profile URL link and also pulls their photo from LinkedIn and adds it to their contact card.


HubSpot doesn't do this.  Which is a pity.  


If HubSpot did this it would be much better.  

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I'm not asking for LinkedIn to shell out private information and make it magically appear on HubSpot. What I want is for their publicly available data - first name, last name, job title, company - to automatically populate the contact fields in HS (and hopefully auto updates too). If LinkedIn gives us access to their email with Sales Navigator, then why is it wrong to add it in the CRM? Where did they expect us to use it? People are doing this anyway - just manually. How else do you prospect in B2B? Is it really illegal if it's public information?


Sample use case: job change tracking

If a record says that the job title field changed, I could create a workflow that creates a task for us to check if the contact is still relevant to us after changing job titles/companies.


Yes - LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration is pretty basic and does not add any value. I tried it and I could not even backlog prior conversations. All it does is a decent job of matching your HubSpot contact with linkedin (that's it).

Other CRMs do allow you to add a LinkedIn profiles as leads / customers. Would also be great to log messages (the most common form of communication in LinkedIn)


I would be great if it was automatic, but I will settle for a HS field type that can include a url and once saved it becomes an active link. If cliecked it opens a new browswer tab. 


It doesn't have to be a linkedin url, could be a diffrent URL that helps to profile the client.


Perhaps not an advanced solution but I can't imagine it is hard to implement, no legal issues and great benefit for users now versus not having it.  


Looking back at the posts on this thread, I am really surprised that HS has not figured out how to fully integrate w/ LI  in the ways done by competitors (SF, Zoho, and others).  With so much business done via LI, this is a real deficit in the HS offering. As mentioned by another member, we aren't asking for anything that isn't public information. Citing "legal" issues feels like an excuse that doesn't hold water.


SILENCE IS A KILLER, again Hubspot. 


Any update here?