Automatically search LinkedIn for contact and add contact profile link and image to HubSpot profile

So I'm using a competitors CRM and their CRM automatically searches LinkedIn and adds the persons LinkedIn profile URL link and also pulls their photo from LinkedIn and adds it to their contact card.


HubSpot doesn't do this.  Which is a pity.  


If HubSpot did this it would be much better.  

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1) I'd like to be able to create an Autofill by LinkedIn button

2) I'd like to map the fields on my Hubspot form to standard LinkedIn fields; 3) I'd like to add the code for an "Autofill with LinkedIn" button to my HubSpot landing pages;

4) When a visitor clicks this Autofill button, I want to auto-populate the HubSpot form with mapped LinkedIn data

5) I'd like the visitor to simply click OK to add their contact details as a new HubSpot contact

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Yes, I totally agree. This will be very usefull to add LinkedIn profile of each contact automatically.

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Absolutely essential. We need a slick (automatic?) way to link data from Linkedin to Hubspot (when the indivual is a connection and the email matches). Linkedin URL and photo, company and role are essential plus phone if given. Also Linkedin messages should be synched.


This would be a game changer for us. Totally useful. I used to work for a company called Colleague Softwaare who had actually built a parser that extracted lots of data from the Linkedin prfile and entered it into the CRM. Like forename, surename, email, phone, company name, job title, city, country. Obviously you would only get email and phone if you were connected. 

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Yes this would be extremely helpful with better integrations.

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Which one is it. Can you say it please? Smiley Happy

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@MarcoBarata Hi Marco, if I am understanding your question you are asking me which tools solves the LinkedIn to HubSpot problem?

If so, I don't mind sharing it is:

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 This is a core feature we need now.

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Abram, just watched the video...will try out...

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Zoominfo has an extension that exports LinkedIn contacts > Salesforce which works extremely well. I'm back in a startup so I'm using HubSpot but if there was a way for HubSpot to be able to export just he basic information from LinkedIn into it's CRM this would be a HUGE value add that I'd pay for.