Automatically search LinkedIn for contact and add contact profile link and image to HubSpot profile


So I'm using a competitors CRM and their CRM automatically searches LinkedIn and adds the persons LinkedIn profile URL link and also pulls their photo from LinkedIn and adds it to their contact card.


HubSpot doesn't do this.  Which is a pity.  


If HubSpot did this it would be much better.  

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1) I'd like to be able to create an Autofill by LinkedIn button

2) I'd like to map the fields on my Hubspot form to standard LinkedIn fields; 3) I'd like to add the code for an "Autofill with LinkedIn" button to my HubSpot landing pages;

4) When a visitor clicks this Autofill button, I want to auto-populate the HubSpot form with mapped LinkedIn data

5) I'd like the visitor to simply click OK to add their contact details as a new HubSpot contact


Yes, I totally agree. This will be very usefull to add LinkedIn profile of each contact automatically.


Absolutely essential. We need a slick (automatic?) way to link data from Linkedin to Hubspot (when the indivual is a connection and the email matches). Linkedin URL and photo, company and role are essential plus phone if given. Also Linkedin messages should be synched.


This would be a game changer for us. Totally useful. I used to work for a company called Colleague Softwaare who had actually built a parser that extracted lots of data from the Linkedin prfile and entered it into the CRM. Like forename, surename, email, phone, company name, job title, city, country. Obviously you would only get email and phone if you were connected. 


Yes this would be extremely helpful with better integrations.


Which one is it. Can you say it please? 🙂

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 This is a core feature we need now.


Abram, just watched the video...will try out...


Zoominfo has an extension that exports LinkedIn contacts > Salesforce which works extremely well. I'm back in a startup so I'm using HubSpot but if there was a way for HubSpot to be able to export just he basic information from LinkedIn into it's CRM this would be a HUGE value add that I'd pay for. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi All,


Thanks for your comments on the idea!  Have you seen the HubSpot Sales Navigator integration? 

What do you think about it? Does it solve your concerns? 


Would love to understand what we can do to make this most useful for you!


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I use LinkedIn Sales Navigator & Hubspot.  An issue I have with the Hubspot feature is below.  

-- Quick Note: I find that about 40% of the time HubSpot chooses the wrong LinkedIn profile for a Hubspot contact, and about 50% of the time when I try to match it to the right person, the right person is not one of the options given by Hubspot, so about 20% of my contacts in Hubspot are linked to the wrong person on LinkedIn, and there is now way currently to fix it or even to unlink that contact from LinkedIn. 

--- Fix: If none of the Hubspot suggestions for matching with LinkedIn contact is correct, allow a user to copy and past in the address of the LinkedIn profile that does match.


While the Hubspot LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration is helpful, it does not cover everything we are really looking for in this Idea thread, namely the ability to easily import LinkedIn contacts into Hubspot.


Abram got the closest with his Chrome extension.  I use this all the time and it saves me a ton of time.  Kudos to him. @Anonymous  

To extend it, it would be nice if LinkedHub allowed me to fill in some custom fields I use in Hubspot as well, and also give me an option for automatically creating a deal and settings as to which fields of the deal (including some custom settings) I wanted to edit.


@Daria No, to be honest, it just gives us a bunch of irrelevant information. The part I'm trying to automate is not having to manually create contacts in HubSpot


Here's what we want (I think)

- An extension that, when we are on a LinkedIn profile, it gives us the option to export contact from LinkedIn to Hub Spot at the click of a button

- If we are connected it pulls their email address, phone number and other relevant contact information

- If we are not connected, it could just pull the persons name and company into Hubspot


If you want to review an extension that does this incredibly well, look at Zoom Infos extension and how you can click on it, get contacts information, and that export that information to salesforce when you are looking at a LinkedIn contact. 

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

This is not currently supported by their official APIs and the existing solutions which do this are frowned upon by LinkedIn (and possibly against their terms of service).


We're always looking to deepen our integrations with LinkedIn and are looking for further partnership opportunities, but automatically searching LinkedIn for additional data on a prospect (or auto creating contacts directly from LinkedIn who haven't opted in) is not something that we are planning to do. 


Clearbit does this without issue. Pulling the profile picture from LinkedIn violates their ToS? @Daria

HubSpot Product Team

Official response:

We can't comment on other companies and their practices, however, HubSpot strongly discourages you or your end-users from violating the terms or policies of a third party. 



Our lawyers believe that the request above ("automatically search[ing] LinkedIn and add[ing] the persons LinkedIn profile URL link and also pull[ing] their photo from LinkedIn and add[ing] it to their contact card.") violates LinkedIn's terms of service, so we're not going to do it. 


It would be really useful to have a designated field for LinkedIn URLs, so that you can easily visit a contact's LinkedIn page.


LinkedIn is a business platform and is increasingly being used as a sales tool to gain leads and win business.


This could work sort of like the companies section works, whereby if you enter a domain, it pulls through the company name, logo and other information.


However, in this case, when you enter a contact's LinkedIn URL, it pulls through the contact's name, image, company and job title from LinkedIn.


Great idea, much needed, will deliver significant more insights, efficiencies in managing contacts as they change roles, companies etc too. 


This is a great feature ( Salesforce and Dynamics both full integrate with LinkedIn ) and is also available in other products - it is not a legal issue