Automatically log incoming/unsolicited emails from existing Contacts


Apparently the only way to log inbound emails initiated by a Contact (i.e. emails that aren't a reply to a logged outbound email) is to forward the email to This is using Gmail integration.


Can you not tell when an inbound email is from an email address matching a Contact? And if so, can't you just log the email against the Contact?  Our old CRM did this automatically. Using the Forwarding address is clunky and easy to forget to do.


There is an existing idea that complains the outlook sidekick plugin WAS automatically adding Contacts ( but it was adding everyone and they wanted it to stop. 


This confused me as Hubspot Support said "...unless the contact is replying to an email that you sent them (that was logged) it will not be logged unless you use the forwarding address". She also said this by design otherwise EVERY email I get would end up in the database as a new contact. (Just as the other poster complained.) I don't see whay that has to be the case.  


I woud like to automatically log all inbound emails of existing contacts.  And for emails from someone not in the database, I'd like a prompt to add them as a Contact.  Ideally I'd like to setup in advance how to deal with emails from unknown senders.

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There are dozens of people asking for this or something like it, dating back years. Does anybody here know why it hasn't been implemented? Forwarding is very counter-intuitive for new users and very easy to forget even for experienced users.

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Completely agree here. All previous CRMs auto added any reply (or sent email) to existing contacts within the CRM. 


Even with the gmail extension/plugin, your only option is to automatically add all emails by creating records for contacts that don't exist. On a pay per contact model, this get's expensive quickly for contacts that aren't always oppotunities. 


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Is this still not resolved?  Every major CRM provider uses a checkbox system to link emails to CRM.  Incoming email?  Just click a button to log it to the corresponding Contact in your CRM.  Outgoing email?  Just check the box next to each Contact, Company, and Deal that you want the email connected to in CRM.  


I'm told that the Outlook/Gmail Add-In updates might help to alleviate some of this, but I'm not holding my breath since I haven't heard any ETA on the Outlook version in a very long time.


In general, Hubspot is lightyears behind its competition regarding functionality between email and CRM.  Please update!


This. When I create a contact I've been conversing with for a while through my G-Suite email, it would be great to automatically log all those prior emails.


This also applies to situations where a third-party integration creates a Hubspot contact after an email conversation has already started.


Using forwarding creates extra hassle with deleting my signature, forwarding headers, and the "Fwd:" from the subject line. It also incorrectly logs incoming emails as outbound.