Automatically log incoming emails from existing contacts


Instead of having to filter out specific email from hubpot contacts that aren't replies to a previously sent email from me and forward it to [hubspotID] I'd love it if hubspot was able to tell that there is a contact associated with that email address and log it for me.


We know Hubspot links the email to an existing contact as the chrome extension gives me this on the side:

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 2.18.40 PM.png

I think there should at least be a way to log in manually to the contact's activity from that side-window, but better yet, it should log automatically when it detects that the contact exists in hubspot. (But not when the contact doesn't exist, creating new contacts for each incoming messages would create noise in the CRM)


The same applies for meetings answers. Even if the meeting was created from hubspot, there's no way to know the answer unless I go and check in the calendar. I would be great if the meeting's answer was logged in Hubspot.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

If someone emails me a 1:1 Sales email (not a reply), I want that email to auto-forward into HubSpot. Currently, I am unable to do this using the current HubSpot FWD address. I should have the option to dictate a specific inbox that this would apply to, or to manually FWD an initial email into HubSpot CRM. 



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I would take this further: I want to be able to set a forwarder so that ANY email that comes inbound for my email address can be forwarded into Hubspot and either attached to the existing contact or a new contact created. This would allow me to do all my work within Hubspot -- both outbound and inbound emails -- with no manual forwards.

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We provide a solution for this. Check out our blog post or drop me a line at 


We are also working on automatically adding phonecalls linked to customer contacts for calls made through a VoIP system if that would also be of use. Our technology has the ability not only to record the call but also provide a speech-to-text transcript which is great for reviewing customer calls when you don't have time to listen to the whole thing. 

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There are no less than 4 "Ideas" pages all asking (in different ways) for this same feature!.  Please go and upvote all of them. Here are the links:

Please go and upvote all of them. 

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We cannot have hubspot creating accounts automatically. We want to log gmail conversations, but creating an account for every email address it sees makes it an unusable feature. How is it GDPR compliant?