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Automatically exclude traffic by IP from login

It would be very helpful to add all IP addresses to the Excluded Traffic list of any user that logs in to Hubspot.  By the simple nature the user is logging in to Hubspot, this would imply he/she is internal on our team.  We would like to block this traffic instead of gather lists of IPs as our team travels

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Yes yes please! I need this so badly, and I expected it would have been done automatically.


Yes! This is especially important now that more and more people are working from home (and some are nomadic, connecting form different IP every day)


Or better yet - if you could direct all employees (not just HS users) to a specifc (possibly hidden from the world) page and then exclude everyone who went to it from all metrics.

This is much needed in a remote working world where keeping track of 100s of employee's IP address (their house, their preferred coffee shop, lunchspot) is impossible.


We now have a number of remote employees where we can't exclude them as they all have dynamic home range IP addresses. Is it possible to get this feature?


Now that my company is all remote, and will likely stay that way, we have hundreds of employees scattered throughout the US and Canada. Not every employee has a Hubspot login, either. What I need is a way to exclude all of our internal traffic, without having to continually adjust IP addresses (as our employees are encouraged to work from wherever they want, their IP addresses change). 


Need a better way to exclude internal traffic from web analytics, form submissions, workflows, page performance, etc. without having to rely on IPs. 


I support this feature as well. it is a frustrating side effect of remote work. could this be done by blocking the email referring domain, or would that block direct traffic between web papges as well?

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Completely agree - there needs to be a solution to this - IP address change way to frequently - there is no way to keep the list clean and up to date.  I don't understand why HubSpot  knows a user is logged in when on a hosted HubSpot website - and adds a hubspot icon to the top right to directly edit a page - but can't automatically exclude that user as well...?

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Wonderful idea and it's been a year with no HS admin response 😉 😉 


This would be ideal indeed. Working part time from home and from the office adds a daily task to add the IP address of the day or half day.


Our company could greatly benefit from this feature as well. Being a remote-first, work from anywhere company means that our employees will likely have to block their IPs regularly due to dynamic IPs, new networks, etc. Please add in an alternative method of adding people to the Excluded Traffic list - preferably something that is connected to when a user is logged in to HubSpot or a way to specifically opt-out of tracking that could be controlled by a super admin.


This is pretty much a must-have with most people working remote these days. I envision a simple checkbox that says something to the effect of "Automatically exclude logged-in users."

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I would love if Hubspot could make this automatic. We have always been a cloud-based agency. So managing this ever-changing list of IP addresses has always been hit or miss for us. Making this automatic for anoyone logged in (or with a user id) would be a terrific solution!

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Since more and more people (especially during covid19) are working from home their IP addresses are changing more often. So, having some kind of option to exclude logged-in users would be awesome.

Either, open up the API to be able to dynamically set this in the settings so that someone can create a browser extension/plugin or similar 🙂


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I put in an upvote for this idea, too. Hoping the HubSpot team takes note of this sooner than later. Remote work for us and our clients makes it extremely challenging to gather everyone's IP address, especially when some locations are dynamic or people are nomadic working from different locations.

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Still a fantastic idea. Why is this not being planned?


Three years on and still no HS response? This is a great idea.


I had thought of the same idea. I'm glad I found it here and I am up voting it as well.