Automatically delete associated tasks when a deal / client is lost

Hello Hubspot community,

I have add a use case many times from my sales about tasks 'coming back' from a lost deal.
It would make sense to me to be able to automatically suppress / archive tasks from a deal that has been lost.

For now, the only way is to update the stage of the deal to lost AND to manually suppress the associated task(s). This is an overkill for us as our sales usually forget this and if the tasks pop up again, say the next day, they don't necessarily remember this client and they can call him back again - which is bad for the company, in terms of brand and productivity.

This 'feature' makes total sense for me business-wise.

Moreover, using workflows, it is possible to create tasks on a given stage of a deal.

So basically, the feature would be to be able to update / delete all tasks when the stage of the deal is to lost, using a workflow for example. I know workflows are new, but this doesn't seem too complicated for me technically for the Hubspot team.

I haven't found any idea around this, so I am posting it here.
Hope there is a workaround or that this would be added to the Hubspot roadmap soon.



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Great idea, would love to see the tasks removed from the portal when contacts are deleted too or lost!

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YES, I need this too please.

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We have the same problems. We would like the tasks to be deleted when the deals are lost or when the deals are being deleted. Doesn't make sense to still have tasks associated to the deal.