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Automatically associate contact/company records with Deals

I was under the impression that when a Deal is attached to a Company, the contacts would automatically be pulled into the "Contacts" box.


I would love the contacts to automatically be added when a company is attached to a deal so that

1. It saves me time

but 2. When making calls, I know exactly which people are affiliated with deals from their companies so I don't call them by accident.



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I definitely agree with this. If at minimum, it would be nice to have the ability within my workflow to add a contact to an existing deal.

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I agree that Hubspot should expand the ability to associate contacts with deals, but such a feature would need to be flexible to accomodate different users processes.


In many cases we have many multiple contacts associated with a company but only a particular contact will be relevant to a certain deal, so I would not want Hubspot to automatically associate all of a company's contacts with every deal associated with that company in ervery cases. I would however like to see any deal created and associated with a contact automatically associate also with that contact's company, but by the same token could understand if other users would not like this automation every time.


I think one way that Hubspot could easily improve the contact/deal association process would be to at list all the associated contacts in the Associate Contacts screen for deals already associated with a company so that you could more easily find the appropriate contact to associate.


Here is an idea post for that feature: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Pre-populate-Associate-Contacts-Screen-for-Deals-Tick...


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This would be so helpful!

A real time saver, Thanks!

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At the very least, there should be a workflow capability that enables one to add a contact to a deal.

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Agreed, Because we are a smaller niche tech business and generally deal with the same people in niche departments within our client's businesses, we typically have the same contacts. So it would be very useful to have the option to set this up for contacts/deals within Hubspot - or have the option.