Automatically associate contact/company records with Deals

I was under the impression that when a Deal is attached to a Company, the contacts would automatically be pulled into the "Contacts" box.


I would love the contacts to automatically be added when a company is attached to a deal so that

1. It saves me time

but 2. When making calls, I know exactly which people are affiliated with deals from their companies so I don't call them by accident.



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How has this still not been automated.???

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Yes please make this possible! Or at the very least make it possible to assisosate a set contact with a company via workflow. This is very fustrating! 

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YESSSSSSSS, I've been trying to find a workaround for this on and off for weeks now.


Please give us more flexibility in general with workflows so that we're able to associate the deals automatically and please update all of us when a feature that accomplishes the main post happens.


Thank you!

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I forgot I already commented on this thread, but this is absolutely essential. When a new contact is created for a company that already has a deal, I want that new contact to be associated with both the company AND the deal. Ideally there would be a workflow action that enables me to associate a contact with any deals related to their related company.