Automatically associate contact/company records with Deals

I was under the impression that when a Deal is attached to a Company, the contacts would automatically be pulled into the "Contacts" box.


I would love the contacts to automatically be added when a company is attached to a deal so that

1. It saves me time

but 2. When making calls, I know exactly which people are affiliated with deals from their companies so I don't call them by accident.



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I second this - I was told by our sales rep Jake that you would be able to have all the contacts attach to a company automatically. Is this not the case?

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My idea is related but slightly different.  In my case, if I assign a contact to a deal - I would automatically want that contact’s associated company automatically assigned to the deal.  I’m surprised this isn’t automated.  It would be a great feature to add and would remove an involved step from each deal creation.

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Yes, this would be very helpful. Our integration with Shopify creates deals associated with contacts - but then we need to automate the association of those deals with the companies already associated with the contacts. So, when we use the company records we can see all of the related deals.

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Agreed.  The process is far too manual now.

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Was looking for this feature as well. The Hubspot support expert recommended imports. But that's also fat to manual. I really don't understand why the HS team hasn't picked this up yet. You have already all the information in the CRM to do this...


Just to underline the importance of this: Leadscoring is not efficient now because it generates a lists of contacts of whom you do not know for sure that their associated company has already a deal. Therefor Marketing can transfer leads to a Sales Rep whereas there is already a deal going on. 


Now the only way to tackle this is to associate all the contacts when a sales rep makes a new deal. This is not really bug proof:


a. A Sales rep usually just connects the contacts to the deal he is in contact with. Although even sometimes people forget that and just connects the company to the deal.

b. A contact can be new in the CRM when the deal already exists and is therefore not connected.


Seems weird that this is not a feature because the company already has al the associated contacts. So when you connect the company to a deal, why doesn't hubspot connect the deal also automatically with the corresponding contacts of the associated company?


Hubspot, can you say when you put this on the roadmap since this is an issue reported already in 2017?

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I have spent two full days messing around with figuring why my analytics are not accurate to the work I have done in my Deals as compared to my work with my Contacts and Companies. It appears to me that Hubspot has attempted to put an add-on in the system to try to fix a fairly major problem: The Check-box under the Contact: create Deal: Associate  Deal With; checkbox. I already have 156 Deals in my system that I have already gone (on my days off) through to try to match to my Contacts and Companies. The analytics are still not synced right. 


Development team. 


Can you fix this issue? This should be an automatic function of your program. All of the prior work I have completed for almost a full year needs to show when I convert a Contact or Company into a Deal. 


Your help is much appreciated! 

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This would be very useful for us.


Agreed, this would be extreemly helpful. At this moment there's a lot of manual intervention needed. 

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Adding contacts to deals automatically would be very useful for us as well. 

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Please make this feature. There is too much manual work right now.