Automatically associate Contacts with Companies based on Company Name property

Currently, HubSpot will only automatically associate a Contact with a Company if the Contact's email sending domain matches the Company Domain Name of a Company record. If a Contact is using an email address that was not supplied by their company, it would be great if the software could instead match it to a Company record via the Contact's Company Name property. 

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I need it too.

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Wow, I can't believe this is not supported...

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Agreed, CANNOT BELIEVE this hasn't been addressed yet. It makes our data fairly unusable when we can't properly format it for targeting. 

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Please can you do this - trying to move 10 000 emails from a competitor CRM and a lot of our clients have personal emails. Makes us not want to move from Copper to Hubspot. And the really silly thing is you can individually connect a contact to a company which means it doesn't have to link to the URL. 

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+1 the need for a workflow to assign contacts to a company - cannot believe we have no way to do this. We need this functionality badly.

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Yes, please! Must have!