Automatically associate Contacts with Companies based on Company Name property

Currently, HubSpot will only automatically associate a Contact with a Company if the Contact's email sending domain matches the Company Domain Name of a Company record. If a Contact is using an email address that was not supplied by their company, it would be great if the software could instead match it to a Company record via the Contact's Company Name property. 

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Totally agree with this - this feature is very needed indeed!

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The automatic association really makes no sense at all and makes importing contacts almost impossible. Adding them manually is the faster and safer way up to a number of at least 50 or so. We are a b2b business and we almost always have different offices of the same company in our system, so location Berlin, location Stockholm, location Paris, etc. They all have the same domain - so when we import contacts, it almost always creates a mess. 

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We focus on small, privately-owned businesses and many use gmail, not a unique domain. Could we verify by Company Name and Street Address, for example? There needs to be a way to match Contacts to a Company based on an alternate field than email domain.

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This is a must have and should be enchanged in next release; severe limitation of database management.  

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Had I known this limitation I would not have moved to HubSpot sales.


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This is a VERY necessary feature and I'm glad to see we aren't the only ones who have been caught out by this. 


We work in the sporting industry managing admin for organisations such as sports clubs. Often, the people who run these clubs will operate them through their personal email and therefore, currently, it is impossible for us to quickly associate contacts to companies en masse which is a huge part of the service we pay HubSpot for.


This needs to be fixed ASAP. Frankly, I'm very surprised and disappointed it hasn't been updated sooner. I can't see how the current method is beneficial for anyone.

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It's absolutely ludicrous that filling in the company name field on a contact record does nothing to help associate the contact with that company. I thought HubSpot CRM was smart enough to go through and match things up, but obviously I was wrong. This is by far the biggest surprise from my testing thus far.

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I think user should be be able to choose which field the system uses to automatically associate contacts with companies. some people use URL, some use comapny name etc. This limitation (along with not being able to A/B test workflows) is really causing issues for our business. If i had known about some of these limitations before implementing HubSpot i honestly think i would have rather gone with Marketo

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 +1  Ridiculous that we cannot import Company ID as an associated company for the contact record