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Automatically assign upcoming meeting to a deal

If you think about how to design your sales pipeline, in a lot of best practice examples the pipeline starts with the stage "Meeting scheduled". I really like this idea. But when I setup the automation "Create a deals as soon as there is an appointment scheduled for a contact", the upcoming deal is not shown in the deal and there is no way to automatically associate the upcoming meeting with the deal.

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This would be a very useful feature for product to incorporate. My workflow is similar in that a prospect books a meeting through a meeting link, I'd love to see that meeting saved at the deal level. I can see it in my Google Calendar but need to add it manually to the deal 


I agree.


We are trying to automate deal stages in our sales pipeline so they that the pipeilene is updated when a meeting is scheduled, or completed.


To get this to work properly, we need meetings to be automatically associated with deals when they are created.


Also really in need of this ability to automatically associate meetings with deals...!