Automatically Log Outgoing AND Incoming Email with IMAP/SMTP Support

Please add the ability to automatically connect an inbox to the CRM. In other platforms it requires IMAP/SMTP/Inbox credentials to do so. While it would give the platform access to all email, the benefits are tremendous.


First, it automates logging of email by not only matching up against contacts you send email, but also contacts you RECEIVE email from. Every element of correspondence is recorded automatically so there is no possible point of failure.


The second incredibly useful byproduct of this feature is perfectly threaded email in the contact/company view. Viewing one side of the conversation and relying on quoted text is not only difficult but it's nearly impossible to easily track who you're waiting on for followup. For example, I can search our current CRM for all leads that I've sent an email to but haven't received a response. Combined with everything else you have in the CRM, that functionality would make you untouchable as a sales platform. Not to mention creating the ability for an org like ours to stand up the CRM in a day and continue from where we left off with our previous CRM.


Lastly, this functionality allows a new user to have a fully populated CRM to start, as you can (at an administrative level if you wanted) retroactively go through the inbox and find all email associated with those contacts. The very real problem of starting fresh and losing all previous relationship information and correspondence is devastating.


Perhaps opening the API to allow for adding activity would be good enough in the interim, right now there's no way to log activity via API for a contact.

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Automatically Log Outgoing AND Incoming Email with IMAP/SMTP SupportHubSpot Product Team
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We plan to allow customers to pull in emails and contacts from Gmail and Outlook without having to check the "log in CRM" button. We are in the early stages of working on this functionality. 


We are also in the early planning stages of allowing customers to connect to any email system that supports IMAP.

Automatically Log Outgoing AND Incoming Email with IMAP/SMTP SupportHubSpot Product Team
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Our integration with IMAP/SMTP is live!

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Delivered

Our integration with IMAP/SMTP is live!

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That is great! Where can I find more information? How does it work?

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We already have an automated solution that can help you with this that integrates with Hubspot. Feel free to drop me a line at

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PLEASE enable loading older or recieved emails as a native feature!!!!


Not having this means:

  • migrating from another CRM loses history (barrier to entry)
  • new leads via email are harder to find (we don't want friction here!)
  • forwarded emails are unreadible and require expanding before we can understand

Saleforce automatically syncs, even CapsuleCRM let's you click and store an email so it looks natural in CRM.