Automatically Create Form Submission Date Properties

I have 100 forms and I want to organize lists of contacts based on the date when they last submitted each form. Currently, I need to create a workflow that assigns the form submission date to a custom contact property...and then I need to repeat that process 100 times (as detailed here)


If I ever delete a form, I then need to delete the custom contact property and the workflow...or enjoy the clutter that comes with an increasing number of unused workflows and properties.


Hubspot, show me the power of automation! Let's get a new feature in here - this shouldn't be so messy. 

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Specifically, enable a feature that automatically creates a contact property to hold a form's submission time stamp whenever that form is created. The contact property should also be deleted whenever that form is deleted.

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Totally need this.


Since the form already captures the "submission date" it would make sense to be able to have this on a contact record. @Himation Right now, I create custom submission date properties for each form and have a Workflow update that property update that custom property based on "Date of Step" as long as the enrollment is set up to catch the Form Submission immediately. MQL-SQL_-_App_Submitted_-_HQ_-_Property_Updates_v4___HubSpot.png


I did this because we needed to be able to produce Lists and Filtered Reports based on submission dates and so that we could create custom reports to track Apps per day/week/month etc. for each funnel and set of applications/forms. 

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This would be great! We are overall underwhelmed by HubSpot forms - the reporting is beyond sub-par. We have many forms and can not imagine having to create custom properties to track everything we need to properly report out on our campaigns and conversions. Hope they can work on something like this (and more) to improve forms reporting. Smiley Happy

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Please we need this. It would make this so much easier. Hubspot already has the information, it just needs to be a standard property. It just is extra work to have to do this manually. Creating a new form submission date property everytime we use a  new form is anoying, especially because custumers fill in multiple forms on different dates and after each filled in form someone has to manually put the right date at the right property.

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This would be an amazing functionality to increase our productivity as we improve our marketing process! The marketing data we gather gives us insight, and we need to report and filter on form submission dates for all forms in one list.  The form date data is already recorded, but locked into separate lists. It would be great to have the option to use the data as we need.