Automatically Close an Email in the Conversations Inbox when a Ticket is Created.


Our Customer Service Team uses a Shared Conversations Inbox.... They create tickets from emails and close out the emails in the inbox once a ticket is created - the inbox then reflects only 'unworked' emails.


When using the conversations Inbox it would be great if an email automatically closes (removed from the inbox) when a ticket is created.... 

I know it is currently only one click to manually close off an email but it would ensure that every email that has a ticket logged against it would no longer be in the Conversations Inbox... saving the team time in trawling emails that actually already have a ticket logged against it and don't need repeated viewing in the shared inbox.

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+1! Would be a great feature for our company to have


new hubspot user. the massive amounts of inbox convos and tickets and wierd relationship between the two of them is getting unmanagable. we want to keep our inbox clean after we create tickets, but how? 


+100. these would drastically reduce the work of having to return to Inbox, searching for the relevant convo, and closing it.


Also, the conversation is "revived" when our support reps replies to the Contact in the associated ticket. Yet another conversation to close.


I think this should be a basic functionality. If you are telling HubSpot to auto-create a ticket from a conversation then the conversation is being worked through a ticket so close the conversation already.



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Hey HubSpot,

How about giving u sthe ability to use a Workflow to close the related conversation when the ticket is open?


There should be a link between conversation and ticket, especially when the auto-create ticket function is enabled.


We use a share email box to receive tickets and our customer email directly to the shared mailbox. Hubspot auto creates a ticket when a new email comes in. Our gatekeeper assign the tickets to owner, but the problems are:

1. conversation doesn't get auto assigned to the same owner as ticket.

2. when the ticket is closed, the conversation remains open. 



100%... I've been trying to figure out how to "close" email conversations via automation workflows, but it doesn't seem possible?

In the ticket workflows I see a few options based around "activty -> conversation" but they all appear to only be related to conversations where the source is "chat," not convos where the source was email or the shared inbox.


Use case: We're using Hubspot's option to automatically create a ticket out of every email. Most of the time this works great, but sometimes it fails to create a ticket from an email (usually because it's a client writing us a new message as a reply to an old email thread from before we were using Hubspot Service Tickets --  their new message fails to create a ticket because it's a "reply" instead of a new email, which would normally get associated with the ticket associated with the original email thread, but if there was no ticket originally then all subsequent replies get orphaned, it would seem)...

These orphaned emails would be easy to spot in Conversations if every Conversation associated with a ticket would automatically Close... But instead our Conversations inbox has become an unmanageable interface since we're doing all "Closing" on a ticket level, and not manually duplicating that effort by also closing every Conversation...


It seems like the system should auto-close every Conversation associated with a ticket (because clearly in those cases the ticket is where the customer-interaction would be taking place) or else at least have the conversations close when the corresponding ticket closes. that'd keep the Conversations inbox neat and tidy.


And if we could control this via a workflow, it'd allow for more advanced and custom solutions. 


Tying the Ticket Owner to the Conversation Owner would also make a lot of sense. 


Absolutely I echo the thoughts above - we receive a huge volumn of mail and livechats and I am really concerned how we are going to cope. Either way through auto functionality or building workflows would work. Come on Hubspot you need to let us know when you are fixing this.

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone, 


I’m Vijay, the Product Manager for HubSpot’s Conversations Inbox tool. Thank you for taking the time to submit and upvote this idea. We understand that there is confusion around tickets and conversations, especially around their relationship. We have multiple projects that are currently underway to address the issues that are highlighted here. I will keep you posted on the progress we make on this thread.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. 



Vijay Vadlamani


Really glad to hear that this is going to forward into development!  It will be a great feature to simplify the process.  Explaining to our new hires that they have to manage two different things in Hubspot is always a stumbling point during onboarding.  Thank you!




We are experiencing issues with conversations-tickets, as the sales and the support team is communicating simoultaneously with the same contacts. If there is a ticket created and there is an ongoing communication between the support agent and the contact omn the ticket, and the sales agent sends an other email to the same contact from the sales inbox, afterwards a ticket is moved to the closed stage by the support agent, the conversation gets closed in the sales inbox as well, which makes the communication tracking very hard for the sales colleagues, as the emails are getting closed without their confirmation. 

would it be possible to link the tickets and the ticket stage changes only with a certain inbox? If we could link it with the inbox used by the support team only, the sales inbox could remain un-affected. 

HubSpot Employee

I agree with the above! It would be great to be able to decide whether the thread should be closed automatically or not (based on when the ticket status changes). 


I just posted this to Support...glad others are on the same page.


Inbox Cleanup Automation?

We are using Inbox Automation for our Ticketing System.

We have 4 Inboxes

1) Help -

2) Support -

3) VoiceMails -

4) Billing -

Anytime an email arrives in these inboxes, we use the Inbox Automation to create a Ticket in the appropriate Team's Pipeline. This works GREAT!

But, we then have to spend time periodically cleaning up the Inboxes. Is there a way to automatically archive the email after the ticket has been created? This would save us a ton of time.

Thanks in advance for your help!



+100 We need the inbox logic to be able to be managed/associated to tickets.  If a ticket is closed, the inbox conversation should be as well.  If we want to take tickets in via email, it has to be enabled. However, if we take tickets in via a form, we can use workflows to create the ticket from the fields, but its not very user friendly to manage, and still creates a challenge of managing inbox flows.


yes please improve the logic between inbox & tickets.