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Automatically Associate Deals and Companies/Contacts by Custom Properties

Surprised this isn't a feature yet, and that despite similar items being requested years ago hasn't been implemented.


For business to business organizations, like ourselves, associating deals with companies and contacts is essential and time consuming for our reps. It's also prone to error when reps are doing it themselves.


Things get missed, duplicates get made - and then have to be manually deleted/merged.


Instead, unique identifiers should automatically associate records together, like email (even with a consumer account), phone number, customer/merchant number, etc.


The workarounds for this lack of functionality (exporting and reimporting items, making sure a website and email domain always match, or manually associating all records together) are extremely taxing and time consuming, and make using HubSpot significantly less enjoyable.


Even if it doesn't happen automatically, when you enter information that matches another record, a pop-up should appear asking if you want to connect the two records together. Something nice like, "Hey, you! I found this matching phone number on this contact. Want these to be connected?"


Last ditch effort - make a workflow that lets you check for common entries in phone number, email, name, etc and associate them based on conditions.


Something's gotta give here, HubSpot! Please make this change.

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I agree!  Our members are all part of teams in our system.  They share team ID's but once they are in hubspot there is no way to connect them automatically.  If 5 people are part of Team ID 123 we have to searc by that and manually add them to the Company, Deal, etc.   If that team adds a new person and a new contact in Hubspot is created we have no way of knowing and that new contact is not associated to anything.  It would be so nice if we could stop the duplication that you mentioned and also seamlessly group contacts from the same team. 


would be in first step just awesome if one could combine deals from a company automatically with attached contacts.


This would be helpful for us so we could assign a contact & company to a deal automatically, rather than spend time manually doing so. 


I don't see any reason why this can't be implemented!