Automatic formatting of phone numbers in contacts to improve search functionality

It would be helpful if HubSpot automatically formatted phone numbers entered into contact records so that they are displayed consistently. For example, always show numbers (U.S.) as 555-555-5555. This will make it easier to search for a contact based on phone number. Right now, if the number is entered as (555) 555-5555 or 5555555555 it won't be found unless the search is formatted identically.

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I agree with this and would love to have the Hubspot CRM allow my portal users to search for related contacts and not worry about the format that is utilized for the search. 


Case Scenario: Employee 1 enters phone number as XXX-XXX-XXXX. Employee 2 searches for phone number and types the format of (XXX)XXX-XXXX. The difference in format will cause the CRM to fail in results and will impact my client's relationship due to new entry to be created and creates a maintenance issue with my CRM data. 

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HubSpot should narrow down searched phone numbers by 123-432-3242 in search.  If a customer list their phone number as1-123-432-3242 HubSpot will not find the contact.  Same for +1-123-323-3223 or any combonation of the sort.  If you get a random call back from a customer w/a crazy name or tough accent this can make an inside sales rep look very lost.

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Love this idea, auto formatting of phone numbers would help with consistency in data entry and more importantly in the search functionality of phone numbers.

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I was on the phone w our contact at Hubspot about exactly this issue.  In our company, sales front end processes are handled by the marketing team and I was called into 2 meetings on Friday where sales reps are complaning about the lead specialist assigning them to the wrong contact- This is because we could not find them in the database!

Customers think they will get better deals and therefore use multiple email addresses but their phone numbers are consistent and we cannot search by those.   Please help!


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This is much needed there are so many people on our team working on inputting numbers and everyone has a way of doing it so it makes searching hard. 

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Please look at adding this functionality to HubSpot soon.

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Yes, please!  Auto-formatting of phone numbers so that all are uniform -- and, therefore, properly sortable and searchable -- is an absolutely crucial feature.

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Hello Hubspot. Is there any update on this request?

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We have clients that desperately need this functionality, as well. 


I agree we need the phone number formatting as shown below.

HubSpot uses this great feature throughout their own platform. Why not incorporate that feature into our forms? Smiley HappyScreen Shot on 2018-07-23 at 18_13_54.png