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Automatic disconnection social accounts

Today I found out that Hubspot will automatically disconnect social media accounts every year. With this disconnection, all history on monitoring is gone and reporting is only available for the last 60 days. Since I wasn't aware of this, I did not create back-up reports to save the prior information. 


Recommendation: Store social media information somewhere as back-up, so it remains available for a longer period of time. And 2nd recommendation: sent a notification prior to the disconnection. This enables the user to save information and let's him know that the disconnection is coming (so that there is no confusion when the account is 'missing'in hubspot).

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @MarcelK ,


We'd LOVE not to have expired accounts, unfortunately it's not in our control and the expirations happen from Facebook and LinkedIn directly. We aren't able to prevent accounts from expiring. 


If you reconnect an expired account within a week all of the information in reporting/inbox/publishing etc. should come back into the portal as if nothing happened. If this is not happening for you, please contact support. 



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Any chance we can have the email notifications for these disconnects go to people besides admins?  Right now no one in marketing is an admin.  Maybe send to admins + the person that created the social connection?