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Automatic, constant refresh to Hubspot pages

Something that would be SUPER helpful is auto-refreshing any pages that you have open and are working within. Our company moves fast and if I am working on a customer situation and get distracted and move on to another customer, leaving the page open to remind me to come back and do something, someone else may have already reached out to our customer and I won't know until I refresh my page manually which I never do and wham, someone else has talked with them and I sent a 'stale' email. I also seem to lose information/notes when I don't refresh if I have left a screen open. 

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Really suprised that this has not had more upvotes. It is very clunky having to manually refresh the page. 


I also would love to have a way to tell HubSpot how often to push changes to my browser. Sounds like a pretty simple job for an AJAX request and comparing the timestamps of your page and the pageview in the system. If they don't match, tell the page to update!


It would also be REALLY helpful to be able to programmaticaly trigger a page refresh in workflows! So, for example, if I update a custom property value when the deal stage changes, I can also tell the page to now "refresh" to be able to see any new property changes.


It should alert the user that the contents of the page has changed by another user or an integration, the can click OK to reload the page or CANCEL to refresh the page themselves manually later.


The views seem to auto-refesh on me when I don't want them to. If I'm working through a TAsk view to select some to mass edit the due date, tec. and I take too long, it refreshes and my carefully sselected recirds get vun-selected! Very annoyting. This should be an option, not auomatic. 


Fair point  @DocWatson. The goal is to somehow alert users that changes have been made, so however that is accomplished would be great. An alert with a refresh/cancel would work for me.