Automatic calculation of TAX (VAT) when creating quotes

Currently, we have to manually calculate the TAX amount when creating a quote. 


Ideally, we would set the TAX % and have the system automatically calculate the value (in the same way you can with a formula withing MS Excel).



1) Saves time

2) Avoids mistakes.

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Automatic calculation of TAX (VAT) when creating quotesHubSpot Product Team
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Automatic calculation of TAX (VAT) when creating quotesHubSpot Product Team
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I'm very pleased to announce that percentage based taxes (as well as discounts and fees) are now live and available to all users of Quotes! It seems that a few commenters here are looking for more sophisticated functionality such as auto-calculation of tax by region, setting defaults, etc. If you are interested in any additional feature like that, please file a new separate ideas post so we can accurately track community interest on those additional ideas. Thank you again for your feedback and patience!

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Hi, I agree with the first message. Having the option to enter a percentage in the quote totals section will make it easier for a quick calculation of tax and the discount amount. In Australia, we have a General Services Tax (GST) which is always applied at 10%.


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We don‘t understand eather, why the automatic calculation of tax is not provided by default. In Germany we need the VAT 19% for all the quotes.  The manuell calculation costs time, which we actually try to save by using HubSpot-Software. Please implement this option as soon as posible. 

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It would be really good to auto-calculate the TVA taxes. It should avoid lot of possible mistakes. 


We need it ! 

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Please itegrate this! It would be nice to be able to enter a specific state and the system pulls in the right % for you.


Hubspot bills us on a state tax %, so why should we (the paying customers) have to manually do it!

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Yes, I think this feature is super important !



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Absolutely required, until this is sorted we have to spend £50 GBP per month on quotient.


Also, need to ensure 4 decimal places on unit price rather than 2. Visibly this is not correct, functionally more than 2 decimal places in the calculations work.

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Just started using Hubspot its frustrating that there is no way to auto calculate PAYE, which is a room for errors and a waste of time.  In Kenya, there is 16% VAT for all quotes. Its pretty simple to implement this, but looks like Hubspot is not mature enough. 

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We just sign up for the Sale Entreprise edition and we can't add a VAT to a quote... And of course you cannot use workflows to fix this. This is very annoying!

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We are unable to use the quotes feature, which is the main reason why we joined hubspot, because this manually adding of a tax amount will cause so many issues... Its such a simple task to make a percentage.. Please add this ASAP

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+1 for this feature.  I don't understand how this isn't a standard feature.  We cannot use quotes without it, so deems the feature pointless! And I've just spent hours loading products into HS only to figure this out.


Please make this a must in the next update HS.