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Automatic calculation of TAX (VAT) when creating quotes

Currently, we have to manually calculate the TAX amount when creating a quote. 


Ideally, we would set the TAX % and have the system automatically calculate the value (in the same way you can with a formula withing MS Excel).



1) Saves time

2) Avoids mistakes.

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Absurd that the suggested solution from Hubspot is to upvote this as an Idea in 2021. This should be a standard feature.




I saw that many users already asked for this. How can we add sales tax to quotes that automatically calculate it according to the zip code of the customer? 

Teilnehmer/-in | Elite Partner

This is a very important need as we so often forget to add it or it creates room for error. Any idea if there is a workaround for this?


This is such an important feature that needs to be solved in order to professionally use HubSpot Quotes. Any news on this? 


We really do need this to be implemented-- as a company that syncs with our ERP, we need a way for this to be automated so we do not have to keep doing this manually. 




If you are looking for a solution to this problem contact RefocusX on the Partner Solutions Directory.


RefocusX is the Lead HubSpot Partner for Chargebee "Quote to Cash". This integration is currently on the HubSpot Marketplace and will automatically calculate sales tax on HubSpot quotes. It will also issue Digital Payment Links with the correctly calculated sales tax direct as a HubSpot workflow email.


It can calculate the correct sales tax in multiple countries and is fully integrated with the HubSpot Sales Hub and Deals Module


Finally Digital Payments are live on HubSpot!!!