Automatic calculation of TAX (VAT) when creating quotes

Currently, we have to manually calculate the TAX amount when creating a quote. 


Ideally, we would set the TAX % and have the system automatically calculate the value (in the same way you can with a formula withing MS Excel).



1) Saves time

2) Avoids mistakes.

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I was surprised when I found out this didn't exist. Way too much room for error. 

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Upvote on this, we don't use the TAX/VAT portion very much but will use the discount on every quote as a percent.  

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We definitely need this feature; doing manually is just asking for mistakes. 

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Hi everyone !

I think that this is a very important need and espacially in France (where I am).

My team built a chrome extension to generate VAT when you are on a quote. It is not the final answer BUT with that I don't have to calculate VAT (or we could extended it to a discount).

As we are still in "work in progress" we are looking for feedback, so if you want to try it for free let me know !

How it works ?

> For now it is just a button where you click and it calculate and copy in your buffer the VAT. You just have to add a VAT line and paste the value. You can define 2 differents kind of VAT but it is easy to add more if needed.

Let us know !

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How is this not yet a feature????

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the calculation of VAT is a must have for any CRM System. We just started tu use HubSpot and we are facing so many porblems with not existing features. This is one of many crucial things which any paid CRM system should bring out of the Box. We are disappointed to see in this point that HubSpot is not a mature product. Anyway hopefully the development team will fix this missing features very quickly.


Thank you very much in advance for your efforts and support.


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A sales tax (eg VAT) is in all countries and for all products a percentage of the price of goods or services one sells. A percentage field is needed here since it is more accurate/reliable and having sales staff calculate the amounts (€/$£¥) costs unnecessary amounts of time.

Another thing is the discount option at the end of the quote.

Please offer both options, i.e. amount and as a second option a percentage. Same as it’s offered on line item level.

Also, such a discount should be before the tax calculation takes place.

Price, net
-discount, net (amount/%)
Total excl. VAT/any applicable taxes
Tax (e.g. VAT 19%)
Total incl. VAT/taxes

In B2B sales, everybody communicates in net amounts thus granting a discount is net, too. I wouldn’t want to have my sellers calculate the amount incl. tax to match the agreed net discount value.

Please implement this asap.
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We need this feature as well to add VAT to our quotes.

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Definitely a MUST! we send between 5 and 10 quotations per day, it's a not big number, but with so much work to do, this feature could help a lot.


Absolutely necessary, I cannot undersand why this wasn't implented already