Automatic calculation of TAX (VAT) when creating quotes

Currently, we have to manually calculate the TAX amount when creating a quote. 


Ideally, we would set the TAX % and have the system automatically calculate the value (in the same way you can with a formula withing MS Excel).



1) Saves time

2) Avoids mistakes.

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I think this is a must.

In order to improve this idea, every company can have a kind of VAT assigned (%).

If this improvement, the sales team can't make quotation for theyselve because can have a lot of mistakes.



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Hi there @JD1 and @CCIlumia, we created a Hubspot integration that might solve your tax calculation issues. We built it to do quoting/invoicing and payments and are happy with the functionality. If you'd like to check us out, we have a no card required 2 week free trial.  I'd love to get your feedback.


This is the Hubspot integration page:


Here's our site:


Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!

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Hi all,


I am putting my support forward for a % feature to be added to HubSpot.


We are based in Australia - the ability to add 10% GST to quotes is a must for us to use this feature. Manually adding a dollar amount adds extra work and opens up the opportunity for mistakes.



Jamie Giblett




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Hi @wooglin@CCIlumia@jamiegiblett,


Yes this looks good.


However, I do feel having the TAX calculation should not based on paying for an integration, rather it should be a standard feature of the HubSpot platform. 


We're based in the UK and having the current 20% VAT added automatically to every quote. As Jamie says, doing this manually can and will at some point lead to mistakes.




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My client set up a rebate campaign but then found it difficult to structure the rebate in the quote.


The functionality to have discounts as a percentage across the whole ticket or per individual item is not available.


You can not enter in negative amounts as a way of displaying the rebate either.

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I totally agree on this. 

Must be very easy to let the system calculate a % of tax.

I would very much like to add that we also need an auto calculate option on the discountcalculate discount on product.png


This would be great, but it would be even better if we could set a discount for every product-type on the company page so the calculation would be even more automated.

Right now, becouse of this issue we still need to create our quotes in our old system. We would be very happy to create our quotes within HubSpot.

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I completely agree it should be a native integration, but it isn't. And Paycove does quite a bit more than just calculating VAT. It also automates the quoting and invoicing stages, simply by moving a deal through the pipeline. Customers receive invoices via email and can pay with the click of a button.

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I agree to the ability to select TAX amounts based on:

  1. ZIP/Postal Code
  2. Can be overridden by field related to the company or deal or quote


For those looking to achieve more functionality in terms of product discounts, please go over to the Product Price Discount idea to expand on it and upvote it.

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Excellente idea. We need it too.