Automatic associations bewteen Contact, Companies & Deals

I've noticed some changes in the latest update, specifically how Notes and Emails are shared/duplicated across Company, Contact and Deal pages.


I am aware that with each Note, Task, etc. you may manually select where the information is duplicated.


A way to set preferences so that this does not have to be done manually every time would be a great time saver.


I think the following would be ideal:

Notes made on a Company page, duplicated to all associated Deals.

Notes made on a Contact page, duplicated to all associated Deals.

Notes made on a Deal page, not duplicated.

Emails sent from a Deal page, duplicated to the recipients Contact page.

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While I understand the premise of this change it has created a VERY manual additional step for our Sales team. It makes the Deal view difficult for me to use as the source of all relevant information as I now have to also look across Company/Contact views as well to ensure I'm viewing all activity. There needs to be some kind of system preference to enable automatic activity associations.

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 Please allow me to set the above described options via preferences --- the extra clicks and work is super frustrating for our sales team and just a huge waste of time in general.



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 I agree, this is frustratign our team to the point where they are skign to swith back to Close.IO who have a really simple view but it captures all relevvent info, adn they just use an icon to show if it was made in reference to a contact or a company.

The main point is we need them to see all relevant info without clicking throught he different objects to see if there's any other contact.