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Automatic adding of TAX (VAT) when creating quotes

We use a specific tax % on every quote so it should be possible to set a standard and e.g. add a 19% tax on every quote created automatically.



  1. Saves times
  2. Avoid mistakes
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August 30, 2022 12:08 PM

Hey folks - Ethan here, product manager for the Product Library. Apologies for the missed quarter of updates. I want to let you know that this feature is not on our roadmap for this quarter (Q3, 2022). HOWEVER, we are actively doing research into how to enable a basic tax library that would be the foundation for something like this. I can't give you an exact deadline, but please know it's top of mind for us.


As a sidenote, I'll be updating the top Ideas associated with Products and Line Items ~once per quarter going forward. I will include (1) whether or not a feature is on the roadmap for that quarter or not and (2) what our rollout plan for that feature is (e.g. will there be a beta or not). If you have feedback about additional information I could include in these updates, drop a note here. If I see a theme, I'll adjust my updates to address that.


I won't be doing this for every idea, but most ideas above 100 kudos will get this treatment. Previously, I had been trying to do it for ideas greater than 25 upvotes, but unfortunately the volume is too high to be practical.

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I am still quite shocked that this isn't a default option that can be set. Is this going on the roadmap anytime soon?

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Absolutely required for Australia too. Why are we still waiting for this?


That's a must have feature for a CRM to avoid mistakes from the sales team.


The norwegian translation "25% skatt" is not correct. It should say "25% merverdiavgift" or "25% mva". I hope you would consider doing this change.

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This is a very desired feature for our partners.


Please prioritize as it would make the life a lot easier. Less manual work, less mistakes, more happy HS users.


This should have been implemented at launch or at least by now. 
How are there muliti currencies at a company level but not tax. As other users have said the majority of business' are adding tax to quotes. 



Non-starter that % isn't an option in quotes.....unless this is built-in at time of our renewal, we'll move our business elsewhere.


Yes please cant believe that on a CRM like hubspot this is not standard feature


Really need this feature as we have experienced quite a number of incidents where the quote creator makes a mistake in tthe calculation of the sales tax (VAT in our country).


Yes, please we need to add automatic tax in %.




I've spent the last several months incoporarting and training my employees on HubSpot. I've finally got to the point where I can turn to the quotes feature...only to realize that I can't set an automatic tax percetnage. What?? So my salesmen have to manually figure tax for every quote they send. That is just...such a dissapointment. It introduces so much room for error and adds time to the process. And it's really surprising with their focus on adding finance features like payments last year. Here's the best solution I can think of to get this off the ground quick:


Let Quickbooks add the tax automatically as part of the integration with HubSpot. It's already syncing the products over which are used in quotes. Since Quickbooks already has the informaton, why not just pull from that?


HubSpot should absolutely put this on the roadmap soon though. 


This is a deal breaker for us. Default tax figure is crucial and auto calculation is also a must. 

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It's beyond stupidity that this is not part of a quoting platform.

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Any updates on this? 


Our client has various products with various Tax percentages. Would be very helpfull if that is automatically added in the quote. 


Having a "smart" approach with tax tables, etc. is a nice idea, but being able to add a "dumb" line-item with a single tax rate is just absolutely necessary. Not entirely sure how three years go by without any visible progress on this... 🤔


Just a basic 'TAV number' field would also be a good start.


Hi, we have the same problem with GST in Australia. 10%

Is there a work around in Hubspot apart from enetering it manually on every quote. Pain in the butt..



Shocking that is not a feature!! 


Can someone at Hubspot respond to this Thread!???

Apparently they are working on it.

In Chile we need this feature implemented, I'd say almost 99% of quotes come with fixed tax in the document. Please we need this development