Automatic Notifications for Salesforce Sync Errors and API Calls Approaching the Limit

It would be nice to have a simple notification to inform admins when a serious Salesforce sync error occurs or when API calls reach a certain percentage of the 24 hour limit. Currently this monitoring must be done manually, negatively impacting UX and process automation.

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Agree! I have a really lean team and it literally took a month of leads not syncing for anyone to notice..... need a robot to pick up the work on this one!

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This would help so much. Having an email notification (immediately, or chosen frequency) in addition to a report of all recent sync errors by REASON would be immensely useful.

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this is a CRITICAL feature if you run an org dependent on lead flow!


If the API cap gets hit, leads stop flowing = NOT GOOD.


Fix it.

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To echo everyone else's comments, a sync error notification would be great. Our team knowing when errors occur is critical to our timely response for leads and MQLs. Our team is tight on bandwidth so for someone to manually have to check for syncing errors is just not feasible and a waste of time when you know a simple notification could save you the hassle. Please create sync error alerts!

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This is a MUST, for me. HubSpot users need to be notified as soon as there is a sync error with SalesForce.