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Automatic Notifications for Salesforce Sync Errors and API Calls Approaching the Limit

It would be nice to have a simple notification to inform admins when a serious Salesforce sync error occurs or when API calls reach a certain percentage of the 24 hour limit. Currently this monitoring must be done manually, negatively impacting UX and process automation.

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Yes... came here just to submit this same request.


Notify the admins (or a set email address) once a day, like at 8pm ... when the sync errors are over a value that I set (like say 10 or 20). That way I don't have to constantly log in and check. I forget to check and come back and it's way higher than I thought it would be and it takes a while to clean up the syncing errors.

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I also would like to see this added. I chatted with support and according to the person I spoke with, HubSpot only tracks errors for "known" contacts, as in if it can't sync with a contact in Salesforce, the contact is not added to HubSpot and HubSpot has no way of documenting that an error occurred and why. There has to be a better way to pinpoint these errors, pull an error report, and receive an email than the sync error tab in integration settings. This makes it very difficult to pinpoint the problem and fix it.

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Agree, this one gets our vote as well.  Nice that the option is there to create a list, but it's a static list, not a smart list, which doesn't help us in terms of being able to set up any kind of workflow to alert us to when someone new has been added.  We need an alert when there's been a sync error so we can clear the error right away, not manually having to log back in and check.

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Would be useful for our users.

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Definitely an important feature. 


Just found 150+ leads that never sync'ed because of an error and we had no idea. 


At $50 per lead, that's a lot of money that may have potentially been lost. 


Make it happen Hubspot!!!!

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Agreed. This is needed. We have a pretty complex SalesForce environment and this kind of notification would be helpful.



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Totally agree! Would be a really useful notification and feature for all users.

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This feature is absolutely necessary! 

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This feature would help provide real time notifications when a hubspot object failed to sync to salesforce. This can help our staff be more proactive to fix this issue so our salesforce staff can reach out to the lead quicker. It will also save our hubspot users time so they don't have to check the sync errors every so often.

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Please consider adding alerts to sync errors.  This feature would greatly improve our lead flow and overall productivity. Our sales team relies on receiving timely leads from HubSpot. Usually by the time someone notices the sync errors, a large amount of leads have already been missed. Nobody wants cold leads, especially when they could have been hot! Additionally, someone constantly checking for sync errors is a waste of time and should not be part of our MA-Sales process. Thank you!

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Agree! I have a really lean team and it literally took a month of leads not syncing for anyone to notice..... need a robot to pick up the work on this one!

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This would help so much. Having an email notification (immediately, or chosen frequency) in addition to a report of all recent sync errors by REASON would be immensely useful.

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this is a CRITICAL feature if you run an org dependent on lead flow!


If the API cap gets hit, leads stop flowing = NOT GOOD.


Fix it.

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To echo everyone else's comments, a sync error notification would be great. Our team knowing when errors occur is critical to our timely response for leads and MQLs. Our team is tight on bandwidth so for someone to manually have to check for syncing errors is just not feasible and a waste of time when you know a simple notification could save you the hassle. Please create sync error alerts!

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This is a MUST, for me. HubSpot users need to be notified as soon as there is a sync error with SalesForce.