Automated ticket movment between ticket stages: moving tickets based on last ticket reply.


Keeping track of replies from customers is important (as your own support agrees on), going through each open ticket daily to check for customer replies is not  sufficient. 

      We need more triggers for the actions that move tickets between ticket stages in the ticket pipeline ("waiting on customer", "waiting on us", "closed", etc). I can see that the actions are there, but the triggers are missing.

I want to make a workflow that goes as this;' trigger: "last event on ticket is a customer reply" -> action: "move ticket to status XXX" ', the actions are there but the triggers are missing.

I think you are tracking last customer reply and last aget reply (becaus i can make an argument say "if last reply is 2 days ago..."), but its just not an option to make it so the trigger is "when last customer/aget reply", as far as i see its just possible to make the argument "reply is not yesterday/x days ago/" and so on - witch makes little sense when we are keeping a dialog with customers.




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 Similar idea to these:


The trouble that most people have found is that you cannot re-enroll a ticket in a workflow. So if a customer replies twice, you would only be able to change the status once. Has anyone found a solution or workaround for this? Very critical feature!

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I think there is a beta of this feature now. However, we would also need to trigger (and retrigger) certain actions whenever a ticket reaches a given stage. So we would like to have both an automation based on last email and an automation based on ticket status (similar to pipeline stage of deals). So our perfect automation view would look like this: